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Nicki Lobsang

Class Schedule

6.30PM - 7.30PM

Tuesday Vinyasa

Moving with the breath, expect creative and fun sequences helping to build strength and flexibility.

7.15AM - 8.15AM

Wednesday Forrest Inspired 

The 4 pillars of Forrest Yoga are breath, integrity, strength and spirit. The aim is to incorporate the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of humanity making it a very powerful and healing practice.

6.45PM - 8PM

Thursday Ashtanga 

The Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series is a set sequence of poses that help to build strength and flexibility in the body as well as having a cleansing effect on the mind. 


5PM - 6PM

Sunday Hatha Flow

Hatha is a powerful yoga and just like in real life yoga has easy and difficult periods as we find strength, trust and balance. Expect a strong and steady flow for all levels. 

(Please book via the Elevate website -


Surf & Yoga Retreat

The weekend will be all about empowering women to feel confident in the water and on the mat. There is something magical about getting women together and this weekend encourages you to find that raw inner power and help build trust, self-belief and reconnecting with our divine feminine energy

Previous Retreats

22nd - 25th September 2023

Excited to say We will be doing more woman surf and yoga retreats in 2024



Nicki has created a warm and peaceful treatment room in her house where she offers a safe and non-judgmental space to fully relax and allow time to nurture yourself. 


Before the massage you will have a quick consultation to come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to your needs on the day. Nicki has trained in the deep tissue, swedish and pregnancy massage and uses a combination of techniques, and her knowledge in Kinesiology and Yoga, to ensure you receive the treatment you deserve. 


Life can be challenging at times and Nicki understands first hands the impact mental health can have on our body and in our daily lives. Using her training in Kinesiology she works with the meridians to help release any blockages and offer energy work to help calm the nervous system making you feel grounded and centred before leaving the space.  


45 minutes

Focusing on targeting those tighter areas; often we hold a lot tension in our back, neck, shoulders and jaw. Or maybe you need more attention on the legs, feet and glutes after lots of running or cycling.


This is the perfect massage to helping lengthen the muscles and release knots and trapped tension.  

60 minutes 

A bespoke full body massage allows you reconnect with your body and encourages you to release tension throughout the body, leaving you feeling de-stressed and. reset.


Focusing on the back, shoulders, neck, arms, legs and feet. Working intuitively and also collaboratively making sure the pressure is right for you. 

This can be a back, shoulder, neck, face and head massage too. 

90 minutes

This is truly blissful, allowing the time to work on the whole body including the face and head. Helping you to drop into the parasympathetic nervous system and allowing the physical and emotional aches and pains to melt away.

Creating an individual treatment for how YOU are feeling on the day and bringing your body, mind and soul back into harmony. 

Pregnancy Massage
60/90 minutes

Helping to support you on your pregnancy journey. This massage aims to soothe and ease area of discomfort whilst helping to calm the nervous system. Working gently on the whole body including face, head and feet, you will leave feeling nurtured and held.  

Moon Massage
60/90 minutes

Combining a gentle massage which focus on those achey areas during your period and using Kinesiology techniques to soothe energy and meridian points related to your hormonal system. This massage will leave your womb feeling loved and calm.

It is best on your period but can also be received anytime to celebrate all phases of the menstrual cycle.

"I had the most wonderful massage with Nicki, from the moment I stepped into her beautiful space I felt so calm. For the entire massage I felt as if I was floating, she gave so much care into the massage and I have been recommending to friends ever since I left!"


"Yoga is the science of right living, intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual"


Nicki found yoga later on in life during a big transitional period, she did her first training in 2019 in Ashtanga in Mysore, India for her own personal practice and mental health and was so inspired by the teachings she wanted to sharing this beautiful and powerful practice. Since then she has done a Hatha and Vinyasa training in Bali, an Advanced teacher training course and continues to be a student of yoga.


Nicki's aim it to create a non-judgemental space where everyone feels welcome no matter your background or experience. Guiding you through the yoga practices often inspired from different linages she always includes meditation, breathwork (pranayama) and mantras. Encouraging you to embrace your own body and channel your self love, finding stillness, bliss and inner peace. Her classes are playful and creative with opportunity to explore and challenge yourself. 

Meet Nicki Lobsang

Having a Tibetan father meant Nicki grew up with an understanding of Buddhism and the belief that we are all connected in some way or another. This developed for Nicki by exploring other practises and philosophies to understand how we, human beings, can bring about balance to tackle the challenges that the modern world may throw at us. Through the combination of Kinesiology, Yoga and Massage, Nicki is able to tailor her sessions to give your body, mind and soul the attention it needs.


Massage Level 3 Diploma

Yoga Alliance Certified

200hr Ashtanga
200hr Hatha and Vınyasa

50hr Advanced L3

TASK Practitioner Training in Systematic Kinesiology

Price List

I offer discounts for those on income support. Please message me to let me know. 


£10 per class


£40 for 5 class pass

£50 for 1 hr 1-1 session or couples 


45 minute massage - £45


60 minute massage - £50

90 min massage - £65


Had THE BEST, most amazing, deep tissue massage from Nicki! Loved the treatment room and it how relaxed I felt the moment I walked in. Nicki talked to me a bit about my body and then intuitively just knew where to go and where to work on. A really deep massage but incredibly calming and centering towards the end. Would highly recommend Nicki and her treatments for anyone needing some TLC!! 5 Stars!!


Nicki was super friendly and welcoming - put me at ease instantly! The massage room was homely, aesthetic and really zen - so a lovely environment.
The massage itself was amazing. I had some serious knots and tension which she really teased out with good pressure whilst maintaining a relaxing overall massage.
Really excellent experience and would recommend highly!


Let’s Connect

Nicki is Bristol based. Please get in touch to learn more about classes and massage sessions.

07821 896 839

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