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Class Schedule

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6.30PM - 7.30PM

Tuesday Vinyasa

Moving with the breath, expect creative and fun sequences helping to build strength and flexibility.

7.15AM - 8.15AM

Wednesday Hatha Vinyasa

Combining traditional asana practice with a playful, flowing energy focusing on breath and alignment. Expect some strong holds finding moments of stillness and balance.

9:30AM - 10.30AM

Sunday Yoga Flow

Expect some strong and creative sequences in this flowing style of yoga & movement.
(Please book via Wildbox -

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Our bodies want to be healthy! By looking beyond the symptoms and finding the root cause we can address the imbalance and prevent the problem from returning. Kinesiology takes a holistic approach by balancing your mental, physical, chemical and energetic elements together.


 Nicki’s aim is to provide a comfortable and positive space where you can deepen your mind-body connection through the Yogic asana practice. It’s easy to get stuck in our thoughts and yoga helps to cultivate awareness and can give us a deeper sense of calm and presence.


Massage is an ancient healing art and through the manipulation of soft body tissue it is one of the most vital and natural means of relieving pain and discomfort, re-energising the body and promoting self-healing. Nicki uses some energy work at the end of the massage to drop you into a deep state of relaxation.

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"Yoga is the science of right living, intended to be incorporated in daily life. It works on all aspects of the person: the physical, vital, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual"

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Common issues Kinesiology can help you with…
Low mood/ Fatigue 
Digestive Issues /bloating/ IBS
Chronic Pain
Hormonal Issues
Sleep issues
Skin problems

Kinesiology is a natural form of healthcare that uses non-invasive muscle testing to find where our health issues stem from. Using a combination of chiropractic techniques, traditional Chinese Medicine and other powerful techniques such as tapping, acupuncture massage and emotional work, Kinesiology facilitates bringing your body back into balance and promoting a healthy wellbeing. 

The body and mind are intrinsically connected so during a session we look at where the body’s imbalances lie and how to address them holistically (nutritional, emotional, physical, energetic). After a Kinesiology balance you will feel more grounded, relaxed and if you were experiencing pain your symptoms will have lessened. You will also be given a plan with lifestyle and nutritional advice as well as light exercises to help continue the healing process.   

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Yoga is the mastery of the mind’s fluctuation

Yoga is a beautiful opportunity to deepen our connection with our authentic self. It’s not about being ‘perfect’. It's about the effort, persistence and consistency and other times it is about letting go, relaxing and recovering. Whatever you're feeling for that day, let it be. 

Nicki trained as a Yoga Teacher in Mysore, India in Ashtanga in 2019 and has since developed her style by combining the traditions of Ashtanga and the more fluid Vinyasa style. Alignment is the key! This is a particular focus for Nicki as she guides you through poses to create a strong foundation for your Yoga practice.  

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Nicki uses a very holistic approach, by applying a variety of techniques over the whole body. Everyone's body is different and their needs vary so Nicki tailors each session to how you’re feeling on the day and focusing on the main areas of discomfort. Nicki likes to use essential oils (if the client is happy do so) that can encourage mental and physical relaxation, aid digestion issues and target areas of pain. 

Massage has a long list of benefits but to name a few:

  • Improves skin tone and elasticity 

  • Stimulates digestive system 

  • Reduces joint strain and compression

  • Reduces pain, inflammation and swelling

  • Improves blood supply to muscles

  • Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system helping the body renew and repair

  • Stimulates the immune system by the increased production of lymph 

  • Produces endorphins (feel good hormones)

  • Lowers blood pressure

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Meet Nicki Lobsang

Having a Tibetan father meant Nicki grew up with an understanding of Buddhism and the belief that we are all connected in some way or another. This developed for Nicki by exploring other practises and philosophies to understand how we, human beings, can bring about balance to tackle the challenges that the modern world may throw at us. Through the combination of Kinesiology, Yoga and Massage, Nicki is able to tailor her sessions to give your body, mind and soul the attention it needs.

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Price List

I offer discounts for those on income support. Please message me to let me know. 


First session including consultation

1hr 30min - £40-£70

Follow up session 

1hr - £30-£60 


£10 per class

£40 for 5 class pass

£50 for 1 hr 1-1 session or couples 


£25 for 30 min massage

£40 for 60 min massage

£55 for 90 min massage

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Nicki was my first ever yoga teacher and who introduced me to my own solid practice. I can't thank her enough as she gave me so much confidence and always made sure I learnt something new each lesson.

Emily Cramer

Nicki is a fantastic kinesiologist who really helped me get to the source of some of my deep set issues. She helped me with some really great nutritional advice and make changes to my behaviour long term.

Toria Bunney

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Let’s Connect

Nicki is Bristol based. Please get in touch to learn more about classes, massage and Kinesiology sessions.

07821 896 839

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